Why EnviroCoin? Why us?

The ESG credit ecosystem is worth over $800 billion globally. However, almost all innovaten targeted towards marketplace solutions. There are very few innovations targeted towards enhancing or streamlining the production capacity of existing assets. Thus an asymmetric opportunity presents itself. Verification and certification of ESG assets are hyper centralised, with a few entities trusted to govern in the best interests of the world. As such, verification and certification has become incredibly inefficient and incapable of satisfying the needs of the value chain.

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The EnviroCoin Purpose

“To provide greater access to efficient, decentralised verification and certification of ESG credits.”

The EnviroCoin Team

At the centre of our success lies a multi disciplinary team with a unifying purpose: Solving Real Problems through Real Innovation. Our team has a proven track record in successfully building and scaling publicly and private companies in the Technology, Blockchain, Energy and Insurance industries. Our team is also complimented by several renowned academics from Australia’s top universities.
Will you join us on this exciting journey?


Amin Shokri

Chief Executive Officer

An entrepreneur at heart with an Economics/Law background, Amin was the original founder of EnviroCoin. Amin has been responsible for the design of key EnviroCoin technologies and currently acts as Chief Executive Officer.

Camille Zufferey

Chief Blockchain Officer

With over 7 years experience building and scaling tech and blockchain based businesses Camille is a co-founder and current Chief Blockchain Officer of EnviroCoin. Camille has also had prior experience building one of Australia’s first cryptocurrency exchanges.

Dr. Taha Rashidi

Chief Innovation Officer

Taha is a professor of engineering at the University of New South Wales. His areas of expertise and research include the use of blockchain to achieve key transport and sustainability outcomes. He is a co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of EnviroCoin responsible for the development of new processes and technologies.

Dean White

Chief Technology Officer

Dean is a cybersecurity specialist with a proven track record of developing critical technologies for both the private and public sector. He has had prior experience developing several blockchain based solutions including a trustless email solution as well as several identity technologies. Dean is a co-founder and and current Chief Technology Officer of EnviroCoin.

Dr. Ali Shokri

Chief Science Officer

A material science Ph.d from the University of New South Wales, Ali has had prior experience leading international technology transfer initiatives in Europe and the Middle East. Ali has also been responsible for the development of extremely novel, internationally acclaimed electronic waste recycling technologies. Ali is a co-founder and current Chief Science Officer of EnviroCoin.


Stephen Harrison


Stephen is a serial entrepreneur with experience starting and scaling several ASX listed firms. He is currently the Chairman of several ASX listed firms. Stephen is a co-founder and currently acts as Chief Risk Officer.

Richard Gelski


Richard is an esteemed legal practitioner and environmentalists. He sits on the boards of several environmental organisations and charities. Richard is involved with the Mulloon Institute, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition as well as the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists. Richard is a co-founder and head of EnviroCoin Foundation advisory board.

Yosse Goldberg


Yosse is a successful entrepreneur with prior experience in building and scaling multiple +$100m companies internationally. Yosse has had experience chairing several ASX listed mining and energy companies. Yosse is a co-founder and current Chairmain of the EnviroCoin Foundation.